Clopin was the leader of The Court Of Miracles. He was a gypsy by blood, and appears to be a furious and charismatic leader. Clopin is also insanely in love with Esmeralda, but is held back by responsibilities of taking care of her, as described in the novel.


In the novel, Clopin is sometimes referred to as "The King Of Gypsies." He is later brutally killed by the King's soldiers during The Attack Of Notre Dame.


Clopin is voiced by Luck Mervil. In the opera version, he is almost entirely the same, if not all.

Animated versionEdit

In the animated version, he appears as a rather comical chcracter, who appears not to take anything seriously. It is not even noted in this version that he is in love with Esmeralda, and he also stays alive in this version, contradictory to what happens in the novel.