The Staff of the Notre Dame de Paris Wiki is a group of members entrusted with certain rights that will help them to better the wiki. However, none of the staff members own the wiki in any way, and are just as responsible for articles as normal users.


The Bureaucrat is the only user that can give certain rights to other users. The Bureaucrat must lead the wiki to it's full potential and maintain peace over it as a normal Administrator would. They are considered the head of the entire wiki.

The Loyal Recruit


Administrators are users granted special rights by the Bureaucrat. They must be friendly and community oriented, as well as good editors who understand advanced techniques. They can block users, as well as protect certain articles as they see fit.

Nostalgia AC


Rollbacks are users granted rollback rights from either the Bureaucrat, or an Administrator. Rollback users have rollback rights that enable them to revert bad edits or vandalism quicker than normal users.