Phoebus (English: Sun) was the captain of the king's guards. He monitored Paris' streets to maintain peace, even though he was know to be a ladies man and a fighter.


In the beginning, he is about to marry Fleur-De-Lyse, but he falls in love with Esmeralda, and Esmeralda is already in love with him. However, Phoebus starts to hate Esmeralda, after she is framed by Frollo, about attempting to murder Phoebus.

Animated versionEdit

In the animated version, Fleur isn't even present, so he actually stays with Esmeralda, which is a rather radical

Phoebus in the animated version



In the opera, he is portrayed by Patrick Fiori. He appears to be the same as in the book, with the same attitude, story, and faith.